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Telecom PTC Devices

Telecom PTC Devices
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What is a telecom PTC device? Telecom PTC devices are designed to protect telecom equipment against short duration high voltage fault currents generated from lightning and power cross conditions. Telecommunication PTC Devices are available in surface mount and radial leaded configurations. PTC telecom device holding currents range from 0.055 amps to 0.400 amps. Maximum operating voltages range from 60 to 250 VDC and maximum interrupting voltages range from 250 to 600 VAC. The telecommunication PTC devices help telecom equipment meet the protection requirements specified in Telcordia GR-1089 and UL 60950/EN60950/IEC60950 standards plus the ITU K.20, K.21 and K.44 requirements. All telecom PTC device series are lead free and RoHS Compliant.

Key parameters for the telecom PTC devices offerings are as follows:

PTC SeriesStyleHold CurrentMax Operating VDCMax Interrupt VacMax Fault Current
TCF250Chip 0.09 to 0.18A60V250V3A
TSL250SMT0.8 to 0.13A60 to 80V250V3A
TSV250SMT0.13 to 0.184A60 to 100V250V3 to 10A
250RRadial0.08 to 0.18A60V250V3 to 10A
TRF250Radial0.055 to 0.184A60 to 100V250V3 to 10A
TS600SMT0.17 to 0.40A60V600V3A
TSM600SMT0.25 to 0.40A250V600V3A
600RRadial0.15 to 0.16A60V600V3A
TRF600Radial0.15 to 0.40A60 to 250V250V3A10A

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