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2AG Fuse | 5 x 15mm Fuse

2AG Fuse | 5 x 15mm Fuse
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What is a 2AG fuse or a 5x15mm fuse? The 2AG or 5 x 15mm cartridge fuse is a glass miniature fuse having a diameter of 5mm and a length of 15mm. The 2AG fuse is designed to offer similar electrical characteristics as a 3AG cartridge fuse in 1/3 of the PC Board space. The 2AG fuse designation is a Littelfuse brand name and applies only to Littelfuse products. The comparable fuse for the other manufactures is described as a 5x15mm fuse. Voltage ratings range from 125 to 350 volts AC with 250 volts AC being the most common. These fuses are offered in fast acting or time lag versions and can be ordered with or without axial leads. Sleeved versions for PC Board washing and blown fuse indication versions are also available. The 2AG fuse and the 5mm x 15mm fuse carries a UL Recognition and CSA Approval.

Littelfuse markets the 2AG fuse. The 2AGĀ® is a Littelfuse brand name. Bussmann offers the 5mm x 15mm fuse.

Our Littelfuse 2AG fuse and our Bussmann 5x15mm fuse selection can be found by browsing our data sheet finder.

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