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Potential Transformer (PT) Fuses

Potential Transformer (PT) Fuses
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What is a PT Fuse? A PT Fuse (Potential Transformer) is a medium voltage, current limiting fuse with a high interrupting rating. The PT fuse is used to protect the primary windings of a potential transformer or control power transformers (CPT). A PT fuse is a small dimension ferrule type fuse that mounts in standard clips. Blown fuse indication is available on some PT fuse series. Potential Transformer fuse voltage ratings are from 0.625 kV to 15.5kV. Potential Transformer fuse current ratings range from 0.05 to 5 amps. Interrupting ratings range from 50 to 120 kA.

Mersen, Bussmann and Littelfuse offer medium voltage Potential Transformer fuses

PT (potential transformer) fuses