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E-Rated Transformer Protection Fuses

E-Rated Transformer Protection Fuses
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E Rated fuses provide transformer protection and are medium voltage, current limiting general purpose power fuses that provide overload and short circuit protection. E Rated medium voltage fuses are designed to withstand the large magnetizing inrush that occurs during transformer start-up. E Rated fuses are available in Bolt In Mount Clip Lock Mount and Ferrule Mount versions and have blown fuse indication. Voltage ratings range from 2.75kV to 38kV and continuous current ratings from 5E to 450E amps. The interrupting rating ranges from 50 to 65 kA. E Rated fuses are UL Listed and operated per ANSI C37.46-2000. Current ratings of 100E amps or less must melt in 300 seconds at 200% to 240% of the E Rating. Fuses with current ratings over 100E amps must melt in 600 seconds at 220% to 264% of the E Rating.

Mersen, Bussmann and Littelfuse offer E Rated Medium Voltage Fuses.

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