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Sensitive SCRs

Sensitive SCRs
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What are sensitive SCRs? A Sensitive SCR is a solid state, uni-directional, half-wave silicon switch. SCRs are also called Silicon Controlled Rectifiers. Sensitive SCRs are designed for interfacing to integrated circuits or in applications where high current load requirements and limited gate drive capabilities exist. Sensitive SCRs are easily triggered with current supplied by sense coils, proximity switches and microprocessors. Gate triggering currents of 0.005 mA, 0.012 mA, 0.050 mA, 0.200 mA or 0.500 mA are offered. Sensitive gate SCRs are capable of controlling AC load currents from 0.8 to 10 amps and are rated to withstand operating voltages of 400 to 800 volts. Surface Mount Sensitive SCRs are available in DO214 3L (Compak), SOT 89, SOT 223 and TO 252 packages. Thru-Hole Sensitive SCRs are available into TO 92, TO 92WB, TO 220 Iso, TO 220 Non-Iso and TO 251 packages. Typical applications include ignition circuits, motor controls and DC latching for alarms in smoke detectors. Sensitive SCRs are also used in capacitive discharge systems for strobe lights, nailers and staplers as well as speed controls for power tools and white good appliances.

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