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Radial Leaded Varistors - MOV

Radial Leaded Varistors - MOV
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What are radial leaded varistors? Radial leaded varistors are also known as metal oxide varistors or MOV's. A radial leaded MOV is a mid-range transient voltage suppressor. The radial leaded MOV is made with epoxy encapsulated zinc oxide discs and radial leads. These devices are designed to protect small machinery, power sources and components. Radial leaded metal oxide varistors are offered in 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm diameter discs. The TMOV and iTMOV Series of varistors are thermally protected with an integrated thermally activated element that opens in the event of overheating. The iTMOV has a third lead that provides open circuit indication. The TMOV25S Series is a 25mm square device designed for specific AC line operating voltages per UL 1449 3rd Edition. The UltraMOV Series is designed for AC line voltage applications with high peak surge current ratings and high energy absorption requirements. The LV UltraMOV Series is designed for low voltage, DC applications. The UltraMOV25S Series has a 25mm square form and is designed for AC line operating voltages with high peak surge ratings. The C-III Series offers higher repetitive surge ratings. The LA Series has a wide operating range and is designed to operate continuously across AC power lines. It offers lead form options. The ZA Series is designed for use in the protection of low and medium-voltage circuits and systems. The ZA Series is also offered in a variety of lead form options. The AUMOV Series is designed for automotive applications.

TMOV , iTMOV , TMOV25S™, UltraMOV™, UltraMOV™25S, LV UltraMOV™ and AUMOV™ are Littelfuse brand names.

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