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1AG Fuses

1AG Fuses
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The 1AG cartridge fuse is a fast acting miniature fuse having a diameter of 1/4 inch and a length of 5/8 inch. The AG designation stands for automotive glass and reflects its original design as an automotive fuse back in the 1930's. The 1AG fuse is constructed with a glass body and nickel plated brass end caps. Ampere ratings range from 1/16 through 6 amps at 125 volts AC and 7-1/2 to 30 amps at 32 volts AC. The 1AG fuse is also available with axial leads. They are UL Listed at 1-1/2 amps and below and UL Recognized above 1-1/2 amps.

Bussmann and Blue Sea offer 1AG fuses (AGA Series).

a close up view of a 1AG Fuse