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ATO® Fuse - Blade

ATO® Fuse - Blade
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What is an ATO® Fuse? The ATO® blade fuse is an automotive style fuse that was developed by Littelfuse and is a standard for original equipment cars, busses and trucks. The ATO fuse is also used in a wide range of low voltage electronic applications. An alternative ATO® style fuse design features a three-part construction and a see-through window for blown fuse indication. They are color coded for amperage rating identification. The automotive blade ATO® Style fuses are fast acting fuses and are offered with 32, 58, 80 and 90 volt DC ratings. Ampere ratings for the ATO® blade fuses range from 1 to 40 amps. The standard 32 volt ATO® fuse is built in accordance with the UL 248-14, Special Purpose Fuse standard. Agency approvals vary for other versions of the ATO® fuse.

Littelfuse offers several variations of the ATO® style fuse and markets them using the ATO®, ATOF®, FKS ATO®, TAC ATO® and TF ATO® brand names. Bussmann offers the standard 32 volt DC version fuse under the ATC® brand name. Blue Sea offers the standard 32 Volt DC version of these ATO - ATC Fuses.

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