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Automotive PTC Devices

Automotive PTC Devices
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What is an automotive PTC device? Automotive PTC devices are specifically designed to protect electronic equipment in automotive applications. The key difference between automotive PTC devices and other PTC devices is the rigorous qualification process required to test the parts in an automotive environment. The PTC automotive device is available in surface mount, radial leaded and blade type configurations. The automotive PTC device is qualified under the PS400 specification which is derived from AEC-200, the standard for electronic components in the auto industry.

Key parameters for the PTC automotive device offerings are as follows:

PTC SeriesStyleHold CurrentMax VoltageMax Fault Current
nanoASMDC SMT0.12 to 0.35A48 to16V10 to 100A
microASMD SMT0.05 to 0.10A30V10A
miniASMDCSMT0.10 to 2.60A 60 to 16V10 to100A
AHSSMT0.8 to 3.0A 16V70 to 50A
ASMDSMT0.23 to 1.97A16 to 60V 10 to 40A
AHRFRadial0.5 to 15.0A16 to 30V 40 to 100A
AHEFRadial0.5 to 10.0A32V100A
AGRFRadial4.0 to 14.0A16V100A
BDBlade8.0 to 21.0A14 to 16V 100A

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