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Low Profile Mini Fuses

Low Profile Mini Fuses
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What is a Low Profile Mini fuse? The Low Profile Mini fuse is an automotive blade fuse offering similar electrical characteristics as the standard MINI® fuse. The lower overall height allows for more space and weight savings. This low profile fuse is designed to mate with tuning fork terminals that provide additional weight and material savings in fuse box designs by eliminating the need for female box terminals. The low Profile Mini fuse is color coded for amperage identification. Low profile mini blade fuses are fast acting with a 58 volt DC rating and a 1,000 amp interrupting rating. Low Profile fuse ampere ratings range from 2 to 30 amps.

The Low-Profile MINI® fuse is offered by Littelfuse. A low profile mini fuse assortment is also available.

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An assortment of Low Profile Mini Fuses