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5 x 20mm Fuse

5 x 20mm Fuse
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What is a 5x20mm fuse? The 5x20mm fuse is a miniature cartridge fuse having a diameter of 5mm and a length of 20mm. This form factor is the most commonly used version worldwide. The 5x20 fuse is constructed with either a glass body or a ceramic body which can tolerate higher temperatures and offers a higher interrupting rating and voltage rating. The 5x20 fuse ratings are typically provided at both 125 volts AC and 250 volts AC. There are also 5x20mm fuse versions with voltage ratings up to 500 volts. The 5x20 fuse types are offered in fast acting, time lag or time delay versions and can be ordered with or without axial leads. The 5mm x 20mm fuse is typically built in accordance with UL 248-14 and CSA C22.2/No. 248.14 or IEC 60127-2 standards. The IEC 60127-2 5mmx20mm fuse series is offered in several versions:

IEC DesignationTypeOpening SpeedBreaking Capacity
IEC 127-2, Sheet IType FQuick ActingHigh
IEC 127-2, Sheet IIType FQuick ActingLow
IEC 127-2, Sheet III Type T Time LagLow
IEC 127-2, Sheet VType TTime Lag High
IEC 127-2, Sheet VI Type T Time LagEnhanced

Littelfuse, Bussmann and Blue Sea all offer a version of the 5x20mm fuse.

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An Assortment of 5x20mm Fuses