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Magnetic Actuators

Magnetic Actuators
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A packaged magnetic component used in conjunction with a reed switch. When the actuator is positioned in close proximity to a reed switch it causes the reed switch to move from an inactive state to an active state. Actuators are matched with specific reed sensor series and are sold separately. Some reed sensors such as the Vane Float Lever Arm and Seating Occupancy sensors have a magnetic actuator integrated within the sensor package. Bare rectangular and cylindrical magnets are also available. Rectangular magnets are well suited for flat surfaces. Cylindrical magnetic are well suited for mounting on a frame. The magnets are made from AlNiCo, Neodymium (NdFeB) or ceramic material.

A summary of the reed sensor series and the matching magnetic actuator is as follows:

Reed SensorMatching Actuator Reed SensorMatching Actuator Hall SensorMatching Actuator
5901057020 5913557135 55085Magnet Integrated
5902057020 5914057140 55100NeFeB Magnet
5902157020 5914157145 55110NeFeB Magnet
5902557025 5914557145 55140NeFeB Magnet
5904557045 5915057150
5905057050 5916557045
5906057060 5916657045
5906557065 5917057045
5907057070 59210Magnet Integrated
5907557075 59250Customer Supplied
59085Magnet Integrated 59251Customer Supplied
59090Magnet Integrated 59630Magnet Integrated
5910557105 HSSMagnet Integrated