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Maxi™ Blade Fuse

Maxi™ Blade Fuse
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What is a Maxi Fuse? The MAXI™ style automotive blade fuse is a time delay fuse offered with 32, 58, and 80 volt DC ratings. The Maxi Fuse has ampere ratings ranging from 20 to 100 amps. It is used in a wide range of low voltage automotive and electronic applications. An alternative design for the maxi blade fuse features a three part construction and a see through window for blown fuse indication is available. Maxi blade fuses are color coded for amperage rating identification. The 32 volt FK3 MAXI™ fuse is built in accordance with the UL 248-14, Special Purpose Fuse standard. Agency approvals vary for other versions of the MAXI™ style fuse.

Littelfuse offers several variations of the maxi fuse and markets them using the MAXI™, FK3 MAXI™ and TOE MAXI™ brand names. Bussmann offers the standard 32 volt DC version of the maxi fuse using the MAX brand name. Blue Sea offers the standard 32 Volt DC version of these MAXI Fuses.

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