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Hall Effect Sensors

Hall Effect Sensors
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The Hall Effect Sensor is a solid state electronic device whose output changes when exposed to a magnetic field. The Hall Effect Sensor detects the change in the magnetic field when the magnet comes in close proximity to it and generates an electric signal. The output signals can be either digital or analog and are used for proximity and continuous rotary or linear positioning. Additional circuitry can be added for power supply and signal conditioning, temperature compensation and EMC/ESD protection. Hall Effect devices come in two wire (current output) or three wire (voltage output) versions. Programmable analog versions are also available.
The sensors are offered in a variety of packages and configurations. The Flat Pack has a rectangular package that is well suited for mounting on a flat surface. The Round Flange Mount package is cylindrical in shape with a flat flange to accommodate mounting on a flat surface. The Flat Flange Mount sensor has a low profile, rectangular shape designed for installation in small-gap spaces. The Vane sensor is packaged with a magnet and a Hall Effect sensing element that is typically used with a moving ferrous metal part. The Threaded Barrel Sensor is designed to operate in harsh environments and is easily mounted and adjusted using a retaining nut. The Rotary/Angular sensor provides instantaneous angular position measurement.

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