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Axial Leaded TVS Diodes

Axial Leaded TVS Diodes
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What is an axial leaded TVS diode? Axial leaded TVS diodes or transient voltage suppressor diodes are a discreet, fast switching, semiconductor devices that can respond to overvoltage events faster than most other types of circuit protection devices. Axial leaded TVS diodes feature low clamping voltages and quick response times that are useful for protecting against very fast and damaging voltage transients, such as lightning, inductive load switching and electrostatic discharge. TVS stands for discrete transient voltage suppression. Axial leaded TVS diodes can be used in a wide variety of applications such as protecting data and signal lines, microprocessors, MOS memory and AC power lines. Industry segments where Transient voltage suppressor diodes are typically used are in telecommunications and industrial equipment, computers, peripheral devices, and consumer electronics. Unidirectional and Bidirectional polarities are available for most series. Axial leaded TVS diodes are available with a power rating ranging from 500 watts to 30,000 watts. The reverse standoff voltage ranges from 5 to 512 volts. Axial leaded diodes come in DO-15, DO-41, DO-201 and P600 package types.

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